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Buy To Sell

Short-term investment solution

You can't always rely on property prices to go up, especially in the short term, so if you want to make money from buying and selling houses, refurbishment is the best option. 

A property in need of substantial updating will typically sell for 30-40% less than its potential value, which means there is scope to improve the property and realise a substantial profit when you sell it on. In Newcastle and the North East, this also means the property will be more affordable, and so easier to purchase and finance.

The trick is to find  the right property with potential to sell and know what improvements to make, and how much to spend, in order to maximise your profit. That's where Clarice Carr and Company can help. 

Our Buy To Sell Services

Helping you to profit from refurb and resale investment.

Property Finder
Refurbishment & Improvements
Marketing Your Property

Property Finder

Find the perfect home to resell

The right home for your buy to sell project may not be in the same location as buy to let. Once we know your budget and the type of property you're looking for, we will use of our established network of estate agents and property auctioneers to find the perfect project for you. We will also give you a clear idea, based on current market conditions, of how much the work is likely to cost and how much

Refurbishment & Improvements

Getting your property right for the target market.

Our trusted team can deliver anything from a basic redecoration to a full refurbishment, including extensions and loft conversions if desired. The trick is to know the area, identify the potential market and take account of what enhancements will deliver the most value. That's where we can help.

Marketing Your Property

Achieiving a return on your investment.

Our close relationships with local estate agents don't end when you purchase a property. We can also help you to find the right agent to market the completed home, helping you to achieve a sale as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our partner network covers the whole of the North East from Darlington to Berwick.

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