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Why Choose Newcastle? 

Reasons Why Newcastle and the North East are the Perfect Locations for Buy to Let Property Investment

Why Choose Newcastle?: FAQ

1) The Market is Predictable 

The market in Newcastle and the North East doesn't move as much, or as fast, as other parts of the UK. This makes it a relatively predictable investment when it comes to investing in residential property. By sourcing properties that require refurbishment, it's still possible to add value and create equity to build your buy to let portfolio.

2)  The Choice is Varied

From a Tyneside flat to larger homes in affluent suburbs, the housing stock in Newcastle and the North East is varied in both quality and location. We can use of in-depth knowledge of the region to help you find the right properties at the right price, based on your own aims and ambitions in the buy to let market.

3) The Return is Consistent

We always aim to deliver a rental yield of 7.5% plus on our refurbishment projects in the buy to let market, along with built-in equity of 20-30%. This creates an immediate cushion against negative equity as well as enabling you to take cash out of the property to fund your next project. This is why we believe that refurbishment is always the best option.

4) Demand is High

The rental market in Newcastle and the North East is buoyant and there is a good mix of tenants to suit all budgets and property types. In particular, the young professional market is strengthening as more graduates choose to live and work in the region, instead of braving the high prices of London and other cities.

5) Demand Outstrips Supply

The market for high quality properties at an affordable price is always strong. This is why we always complete our properties to a good standard, which means they can appeal to all potential renters without breaking the bank on the refurb costs. This also helps our properties to stand out in the marketplace and attract tenants quickly.

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