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Why Choose Newcastle? 

Reasons Newcastle and the North East are Ideal for Serviced Accommodation Investment

1) The Market is Predictable 

The property market in Newcastle and the North East is relatively stable compared to other parts of the UK, making it a predictable investment for serviced accommodation. By sourcing properties that require refurbishment, you can add significant value and build equity, enhancing your investment portfolio.

2)  The Choice is Varied

From Tyneside flats to larger homes in affluent suburbs, the housing stock in Newcastle and the North East is diverse in both quality and location. Our in-depth knowledge of the region helps us find the right properties at the right price, tailored to your specific goals in the serviced accommodation market.

3) Higher, More Consistent Returns

We aim to deliver a high rental yield and substantial equity through our refurbishment projects. Serviced accommodations typically offer higher rental income than traditional buy-to-let properties, providing an immediate cushion against negative equity and enabling you to fund future projects.

4) Demand is High

The rental market in Newcastle and the North East is thriving, with a diverse mix of tenants to suit all budgets and property types. The demand for serviced accommodation is particularly strong among tourists and business travellers, who prefer the comfort and flexibility of serviced properties over traditional hotels.

5) Demand Outstrips Supply

The market for serviced accommodation is expanding rapidly. With more people choosing serviced accommodation over traditional hotels, there is a rising demand for high-quality, well-managed properties. This trend offers excellent opportunities for investors to achieve high occupancy rates and significant returns.

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