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Buy To Let

Long-term investment solution

The UK property market can be volatile, especially in London. In Newcastle and the North East, however, house prices don't fluctuate much at all. This may not sound as exciting as the London market, but it does offer an opportunity for the buy to let investor. 

The secret of property investment success in North East England is to find a property that needs work and take it on as a project. The improvement works will typically cost less than 50% of the value you can create. so there will be an instant paper profit.

This means that, if you remortgage the completed property at 75%, it's usually possible to cover the purchase price and the cost of the work done. The mortgage will be covered by the rental income, so your cash can be freed up for your next project or to re-invest elsewhere.

It's a simple philosophy and it works. You just need someone to find the properties and manage your investment. That's where Clarice Carr & Company can help. 

Our Buy To Let Services

Don't dream it, do it.

Property Finder
Refurbishment & Improvements
Portfolio Building
Property Management

Property Finder

We'll help you find the perfect property.

Based on your budget, desired location and long-term ambitions, our team will find the property that's right for you. We focus on the North East region as we know it well and it offers a winning combination of good value homes, historically stable prices table and a plentiful supply of suitable buy to let properties that require refurbishment.

Most importantly, we are able to source properties with the potential to add value and generate a profit. 

Refurbishment & Improvements

Getting your property ready for rental.

We have an established network of trusted and reliable tradespeople to help get your property ready for rental.

We will manage the full process from planning to completion, agreeing all costs with you and providing regular updates on progress. 

We have developed a simple style and colour palette for our rental properties, so you don't need to worry about interior design, although you can of course specify all aspects of the work if you prefer.

Our team are fully qualified, with all relevant qualifications and certifications.

Portfolio Building

Build strength in numbers.

A single property means that you can are reliant on just one rental income stream. With multiple properties, you will still have rent coming in, even if one home is currently on the rental market. This is why we'd always recommend multiple mid-range properties, as opposed to a single high-value one.

Once we know what you want to achieve from your residential property investments, our team will support you every step of the way, finding the properties to build your portfolio.

Property Management

Looking after your investment.

Once the work is done and your property is rented out to a tenant, we can manage it for you. This service includes:

  • Deposit protection service

  • Rent collection

  • 24/7 callout service

  • Quarterly inspections

  • Planned and unscheduled maintenance

  • Annual boiler service and gas safety

  • Landlord insurance

  • Dealing with all tenant-related queries

How It Works

Download our simple step-by-step guide to the buy to let process. Clarice Carr & Company makes your investment in residential property simple and stress-free.

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