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Financing Options for Serviced Accommodation Investment in the North East

Updated: 2 days ago

What are your options for Serviced Accommodation Finance?

Investing in serviced accommodation in the North East of England presents a lucrative opportunity due to the region's burgeoning tourism and business travel sectors. With picturesque landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and an increasing number of visitors, the demand for serviced accommodations is on the rise. However, securing the right financing is crucial for success in this competitive market. This guide explores the various financing options available for investors, providing insights to help you make informed decisions about your serviced accommodation finance needs.

Traditional Bank Loans


Traditional bank loans are a common method for financing property investments. These loans offer stability and predictability, making them a solid choice for many investors seeking serviced accommodation finance.


  • Lower Interest Rates: Bank loans typically come with lower interest rates compared to other financing options.

  • Extended Repayment Terms: Longer repayment terms can make monthly payments more manageable.


  • Stringent Qualification Requirements: Banks often have strict criteria for loan approval, which can be a hurdle for some investors.

  • Slow Approval Process: The approval process can be lengthy, delaying your investment plans.

Buy-to-Let Mortgages


Buy-to-let mortgages are specifically designed for property investors looking to rent out their properties. This type of mortgage is well-suited for serviced accommodation finance.


  • Tailored for Rental Properties: These mortgages are designed with rental properties in mind, offering terms that reflect the nature of the investment.

  • Potential for Higher Loan Amounts: Given the expected rental income, lenders might offer higher loan amounts.


  • Higher Interest Rates: Interest rates for buy-to-let mortgages are generally higher than those for residential mortgages.

  • Larger Deposits Required: Lenders usually require a substantial deposit, often around 25% of the property value.

Bridging Loans


Bridging loans are short-term loans designed to bridge the gap between purchasing a property and securing permanent financing. They are ideal for investors looking to quickly enter the serviced accommodation market.


  • Quick Access to Funds: Bridging loans can be arranged quickly, allowing you to act fast on investment opportunities.

  • Flexible Terms: These loans often come with flexible terms and repayment options, which can be beneficial for serviced accommodation finance.


  • High Interest Rates: The convenience of bridging loans comes at the cost of higher interest rates.

  • Short Repayment Period: These are short-term loans, so you'll need to secure long-term financing quickly.

Commercial Mortgages


Commercial mortgages are designed for properties that will be used for business purposes. They can be a good fit for serviced accommodation finance, particularly for larger properties.


  • Higher Loan Amounts: Commercial mortgages can offer higher loan amounts compared to residential mortgages.

  • Flexible Use: These loans can be used for various property types and business models.


  • Complex Application Process: The application process can be more complex and time-consuming.

  • Higher Fees: Commercial mortgages often come with higher fees and costs.

Peer-to-Peer Lending


Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms connect investors with individual lenders willing to finance property purchases. This modern financing method has gained popularity due to its accessibility and flexibility, making it a viable option for serviced accommodation finance.


  • Flexible Terms: P2P loans often come with more flexible terms and conditions.

  • Easier Approval: The approval process can be faster and less stringent than traditional bank loans.


  • Higher Interest Rates: Interest rates can be higher than those of traditional loans.

  • Regulation and Security: P2P lending is less regulated, which might pose additional risks.

Private Investors


Securing funds from private investors is another viable option for serviced accommodation finance. These can be individuals or groups looking to invest in profitable property ventures.


  • Flexible Arrangements: Private investors can offer more flexible financing terms.

  • Potential for Partnerships: These investments can lead to long-term partnerships, providing additional business benefits.


  • Higher Costs: Private investment often comes at a higher cost due to the perceived risk.

  • Negotiation Required: Terms and conditions need to be negotiated, which can be time-consuming.

Supported Finance Options


Investing in serviced accommodation in the North East can benefit significantly from supported finance options, such as the North East Property Fund. These funds are designed to stimulate property development and economic growth in the region.

The North East Property Fund, managed by FW Capital, provides short-term loans to support property development projects. This fund aims to boost small-scale property schemes and is backed by the North East Local Enterprise Partnership.


  • Loan Amounts: The fund offers loans typically ranging from £250,000 to £2 million.

  • Eligibility: Projects that support the development of residential and commercial properties in the North East.

  • Flexibility: Loans can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different development projects.


  • Application Process: The application process requires detailed project proposals and financial requirements.

  • Limited Scope: Only available for projects within the North East, limiting broader geographical investment opportunities.

Serviced Accommodation Finance

Understanding the various options for serviced accommodation finance in the North East is crucial for making informed decisions. From traditional bank loans and buy-to-let mortgages to innovative peer-to-peer lending and private investors, each option has its own set of advantages and drawbacks. Evaluate your financial situation and investment goals to choose the best serviced accommodation finance option that aligns with your needs.

By carefully considering these financing options, you can secure the funds necessary to invest in the lucrative serviced accommodation market in the North East, setting the stage for a successful and profitable venture.

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